A (not so) Fanciful Look at 2016: The Technology We Want In Our Lives But Might Not Get

By Alex Kyrtsoudis

Happy 2016! The start of a new year is always an exciting time to dream fancifully of all the new technology that we’re going to see. Who knows what it will be (I certainly don’t)! Many people like to try and guess what companies will bring out and how the next products are going to look. BUT if you’re anything like me and get tired of hearing about how the next iPhone will definitely have that amazing laser keyboard or a 2-week battery life only for it to turn out as conservative as Surrey then that game is best left to others.

Instead, here are some ever-so-slightly futuristic things that I’d love to see this year. Some of the following may be made-up and/or never going to happen.

Intuitive AI Assistants (AI = artificial intelligence by the way)

Ok, so we’re not exactly at the stage of letting Robert the Robot roam about our house and make us a bacon sandwich in the morning. However, smaller ‘intelligent’ devices like Siri on IOS and Cortana on Windows mobile have been around for a while and newer tech such as the Amazon Echo is trying to integrate itself into our lives even more. Please can someone make a useful and interesting device to help us with our busy 2016-ish lives. It needs to listen to what we tell it, learn the way we behave in our homes and bring together all the current connected home devices that 2015 filled our houses with.

With this in mind, things are already pretty smart if we look within our existing apps. Google’s Inbox for Gmail can already collect all the info it can get on my life and feed it back to me when I need to know it, such as flight and calendar information contained in emails. This knowledge will keep getting better and better.


I honestly think that we aren’t far away from all content being on-demand and streamed from the internet to watch whatever whenever. People are Netflixing and chilling more and more and with good reason. We want to be able to watch content at our leisure and with our lives becoming busier and busier there’s just no time for old school TV channels anymore.

Better Wearables

If I’m right in saying, not many people have been awed by smart watches and virtual reality headsets. I’m not exactly sure what I want to see but it needs to be different! Imagine integration of smart watches with your car and house locks to offer keyless security. This is the kind of stuff that would get more people looking at wearable tech, not just a slightly quicker way to read texts or read the news. At least, it would get me interested again…

Drone Regulations

Many of us have either bought a drone or know someone who has. The fact that there is no clear law yet as to where they are allowed and who can fly them is limiting their capability in both consumer and commercial fields. Hopefully some clarification from the government and relevant agencies will come soon.

If what-ifs don’t float your boat then be sure to check back here every week for the latest Good News in technology!

Peace and Positivity my friends! 

Leave a comment with the technologies you want to see this year.