Tuesday 1st-15th December

Conventional norms are for conventional people (hence the Tuesday weekly round-up)! 

The Headlines: 

There's been some great news from across the film genre this week including many new trailers, award nominations and a few surprises. 

The Hateful Eight wide released was pushed forward from the 8th January to the 1st  (also is Quentin Tarantino transitioning into writing novels and plays?)

Mad Max: Fury Road tops critics choice awards.

 DARK trailers released for BFG, Tarzan and The Jungle Book.

Batman v Superman trailer. 

Harry Potter spin-off "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" trailer released.


The Hateful Eight:

SO this we've seen the premier of The Hateful Eight, Tarantino's "eighth" movie (I say "eight" because those in the know like to classify Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 as one distinct movie which let's be honest, it is.) Alongside the premier we've seen many interviews released and much more information flood the air ways and with that came the news that The Hateful Eight's US wide release will be moved forward to the 1st January, Good news for those across the pond folk but unfortunately those of us who have to brave the tumultuous rain of the UK will still have to wait until the 8th to get our latest Tarantino fix.

In other Tarantino related news during an interview with Ben Mankiewicz of What the Flick? we  heard that unfortunately (or potentially not so unfortunately) QT is looking to start writing plays and novels. This does tie in with Tarantino's self imposed movie cap of ten feature films but who really believed him when he said that last year? Anyway as a huge Tarantino fan this news had me a little heart broken on the surface but could turn out to be an very interesting time in his career. I for one would be first in line to see Tarantino's work on stage and you just know I'd be reading the SH*T out of his books! Just think, in twenty years time we could be seeing the next great director taking charge behind the camera, transforming the supreme words of Tarantino's inner universe into another unique masterpiece. They say you exit this world the same way you enter it and that could end up being true for the great directors career. (Think True Romance on steroids) 

Here's the link to the aforementioned QT interview. Well worth the watch!

Mad Max tops Critics' Choice Awards

Mad Max: Fury Road is an absolutely fantastic post apocalyptic, "incidentally" feminist masterpiece. The intensity ebbs and flows in all the right places!  Having not see any of the originals before hand I got dragged along to this movie without much expectation but after the initial bewilderment I was blown away. It's with little surprise that this movie was nominated for no fewer than THIRTEEN Critics' Choice Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography amongst many others. The Critics's Choice awards could act as a springboard for Oscar success. Many news outlets and media moguls seem surprised with the potential success of the movie but in my opinion it's very much deserved. Much like Tarantino's Hateful Eight with good news comes EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS and thats in the form of Mad Max: Fury Road IN FRICKIN BLACK AND WHITE!!!!! This is the news 2016 could grace us with an Official Black and White release said to be George Miller's "true" intent for the movie.


Trailers for LIVE ACTION versions of our beloved kids films

This week also saw the emergence of live action trailers for our beloved children's flicks The BFG, The Jungle Book and The Legend of TARZAN! Now this has gotten many people, me included, VERY EXCITED! The first thing that really stands out from these trailers is the tone. This movies look REALLY dark but I absolutely LOVE IT! Personally I think they look a bit too dark for most children but Hey! us adults can have a few "child" movies for ourselves once in a while can't we?  But no seriously, why are these movies so dark? Is it just simply that the studios, Disney (for The BFG and The Jungle Book) and Warner Brothers (for The Legend of Tarzan) are targeting the adults who grew up watching the originals or is it new age media reflecting the perception of an ever growing darker world? Hopefully its the former. The trailers are absolutely fantastic by the way! Scarlet Johansson giving a chilling voice over for Kaa in The Jungle Book, Margot Robbie looks a little damaged in Tarzan and The BFG looks suitably stylistic.

Amongst the trailers to satisfy your inner child we also saw trailers to satisfy your inner (or in most cases, outer) nerd! Of course I'm talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. I must say Dawn of Justice looks great. Jesse Eisenberg looks to have put in some of the best work of his career with the crazed Lex Luthor and Ben Affleck might not make such a bad Batman after all. This trailer also gives audiences their first glimpse of Gal Gadot, a personal favourite from the Fast and Furious franchise, as the much anticipated Wonder Woman. The trailer does appear to give away quite a large chunk of plot development but after the slight disappointment of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder's got a lot of work to do to really set up the upcoming DC Extended Universe upcoming movies. Such movies include The Suicide Squad (HOLY MOLY I CANT WAIT) Wonder Woman, The Justice League, Aquaman with Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo for Game of Thrones) and Ezra Miller as The Flash. Both Aquaman and The Flash are also set for their cinematic crossover débuts in Dawn of Justice. The DC Universe is really hotting up! For Marvel fans Captain America: Civil War looks satisfyingly awesome with Captain America turning on one friend for the loyalty of another! If the prospect if seeing Iron Man going fist to fist with Captain America isn't exciting enough we will also get our first look at Tom Holland playing Peter Parker in the incredibly over anticipated reunion of Spider Man with Marvel. It really has been a fantastic few weeks for nerds across the world not only have we seen all this goodness but we've also been show the first look at Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I personally think the upcoming franchise movie has the potential to be the best of all the Harry Potter movies. It has the element of surprise, it has arguably a better cast with Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller and Colin Farrell and Katherine Waterstone, sorry Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and it isnt bound by Harry Potter canon. It looks like we can expect a grown up mature addition to the wizarding world. Fr those of you who played Final Fantasy IX this trailer and potential story line is conjuring up thoughts reminiscent to The Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum. How cool would that be?! For those of you who haven't heard much about Fantastic Beasts it is set in early 20th century America following the wizarding Magizooligist Newt Scamander. The screenplay has been written by J K Rowling herself and David Yates, of the final four Harry Potter movies, directs. This will be the first in a spin off trilogy.Get excited people, get excited!  

If all this news wasn't enough to get you through the week, just remember Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! 

I'm celebrating like Spidey here!

As always have a truly FANTASTIC week and dont hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch via twitter.