Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoiler Free)

This IS the movie you're looking for! 

This is the type of movie that makes the soul ache to be part of the universe, amongst those characters and with those friends. Reminiscent enough of previous instalments to satisfy the longing of nostalgia but distinct and fresh enough to draw you in and never let you go. The relationships on screen are less sassy and more cheeky than previous outings and with incredibly satisfying results. Whereas the original trilogy had the sexual and unfriendly tension between the protagonists the new dynamic is one of pure love. Each and every one of the characters have their own nuances and developed back story and the actors really managed to portray their angst and disturbances without feeling overworked or false. We don't just sympathise with these characters we EMPATHISE with them, we feel for them, we connect with them. We feel like one of them, we don't just feel their pain on screen we feel our own troubles, our own pain. It's very rare that you come across a movie that has the power to bring the viewer's pain on screen and maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, maybe It's because I've been up for nearly 24 hours, maybe it's because I've lived in the Star Wars universe for the last 10 but I really feel that this film is something special.

The movie opens to a sinister view. The shadow of a war destroyer of immense proportions. Behind it comes a smaller ship. Action sequences commence. Flickering between close ups of different storm troopers. It's an intense few minutes. The scenes flick between different parts of the universe focusing on different characters but instantly the camera is drawn to the characters of importance, introducing them quite overtly without, for the most part, actually identifying them. Their charisma on screen resonates throughout the opening few scenes. As viewers, we are instantly captivated. The rest of the movie follows in a similar vein. The characters are badass but they're emotional, they're "human", they're everything we want them to be.

At first Daisy Ridley feels a little bit over dramatic but she soon finds her footing and smashes home a wonderful performance. Despite Oscar Isaac's relatively small role he also captivates the audience and Adam Driver puts in a incredibly deep and heartfelt piece of acting to round off a impeccable group of new and old actors.

The soundtrack might not be as powerful as hoped but it still manages to emphasise the emotional impact of the action on screen. Obviously John Williams had a difficult task on his hands to renovate such an iconic soundtrack and there are parts of pure magic but as a whole he just didn't quite make as much of an impact as he could have done, perhaps the intention was to take the soundtrack in a new direction, a direction that will define the new trilogy. Perhaps we will see the true genius behind his work during the next instalment.The visuals however are truly stunning, an absolute masterpiece, the 3D visuals didn't sit right with my eyes but never the less the visuals are truly captivating. Taking inspiration from Nazi Germany the stage production and costume design are sinister and spectacular. This is how Star Wars should look and how it should feel. The franchise feels at home with today's technology and feels at home under the guidance of J J Abrams. We salute you sir, we salute you!

This movie will capture the hearts of the public all over the world. Young and old, experienced and wookie this movie is for everyone but I urge you, go into this movie with little expectation, make your own decisions and your own connections. See what you see, feel what you will and may the force awaken within you.

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