Finding the Beauty

So today's thought of the day is the idea that beauty and joy surround us at all times, we just have to look for it.  So today I really want us to focus on connecting with our surroundings and finding that beauty.

It is all to easy to just go with the flow and turn on the auto pilot but when you do this you tend to miss out on the stuff that makes life great. For example, as I write this I'm walking along London's busy streets but instead of listening to music I'm making a conscious effort to connect with my surroundings, to pay attention to the beautiful minutia of life and guess what!? For the first time in months I just heard the sweet melodic bird song of morning and it's wonderful! It's far too easy to forget that these moments exist when you live in London but when you take the time to look for them, they're not as rare as you might think!

So today just try and find the beauty and joy in life; whether that be the birds chirping or even just the way those around you are interacting with each other. Take a moment to step outside of your own mind, connect with your surroundings and focus on the good stuff! If you're really struggling to find joyous or beautiful moments around you then try to reevaluate your perceptions of the innate objects in your own home, try and consider how they interact with each other or try to think of the story behind each object. What memories do these objects conjure up when you really think about it. Most items have a story, or at least a memory so search for it! 

Thank You, and as always, breath deep, shine bright and have a good day!