Hydration for the Nation

Today's thought is more along the lines of a "very useful thing to do that won't take very long but will your body will LOVE you for especially over the coming few weeks if you keep it in mind throughout" rather than a thought per-say. It's the wonderful and bizarre concept of.... DRINKING WATER!! Shock horror I know! Water is just one of those things, needed for the existence of all life on Earth but appreciated about as much as a member of the flying penguin squad. Growing up, I never really cared for water but in the last few years it's been pretty much all I drink (with the odd glass of tea or coffee and the morning green juice smoothie) it's a fantastic thing to do I tell us! The benefits are tremendous and I feel like your body hugs you every time you choose straight up tap water over teaching for that acidic sugary cordial juice drink that populates your kitchen cupboard. So today whenever you feel thirsty, or even hungry (FUN FACT: dyhaydration can lead to feelings of hunger) rather than grabbing a cup of steaming hot coffee or a glass of chilled your favourite fruit juice that pumps your blood full of sugar and acid, choose the a nice glass of the life force we call H20.

 Your body will thank you for! (Hopefully not verbally, that'd be weird)

 As always breathe deep, shine bright, (DRINK WATER) and have a good day.