Delayed Gratification

Today I wanna talk about the idea of delayed gratification and how it can actually heighten our experience. We currently live in a society of INSTANT gratification and to be perfectly honest, I don't think it's doing us any favours. A good way to look at this would be to look at food. If we're snacking throughout the day, by the time dinner comes around, you're not particularly hungry anymore and subsequently, you have a mediocre dinner. However, if you don't snack and you go into dinner full of hunger, that same meal is ten times better! By delaying the gratification of food we end up appreciating our food a lot more when we do eat! (Plus the time in which your delaying your gratification you can be looking forward to it. Added enjoyment!)

So I propose an idea, today whenever you go to reach for a snack, postpone it for an hour, whenever you feel like sacking off productivity, give it an hour. Whenever you feel like satisfying your need for instant gratification, postpone it. Not only should this increase our enjoyment but it also has many other benefits. For one, sticking with the food aspect, sometimes we think we're hungry when in fact we're just thirsty... Or bored. So, by the time that hour has passed you might not actually want to eat any more, this helps with those waistlines, and keeps those pennies in our wallets. Another benefit, if we postpone binge watching our favourite TV show by an hour and we replace it with a more productive task then we get more done in the day! Win win, I think! On top of these short term benefits by consciously delaying our gratification we are strengthening our will power and training ourselves to persevere, reminding ourselves that not satisfying our every need instantly can actually be a good thing.

Peace out guys, breathe deep, shine bright and have a great day!