Change Your Thoughts and You'll Change Your Life!

I don't know about you, but I quite often find myself falling into spirals of negativity. In fact I used to live in a whirlwind of negativity and it was fuelled largely by my thought process and the way my thoughts were worded. For example, "Eurghhhh! I HAVE to go to work tomorrow!" As you can see, it's quite a negative statement, It creates a sense that I'm not in control of the situation and to be honest, it's not even true, very rarely do we actually HAVE to do something, sure there'll be consequences but it's rarely life or death. I choose to go to work so I can live in London, I choose to work so I can buy food and I choose to work so I can enjoy life (also I quite enjoy work but there's always days where I just want to stay in bed and sleep) This statement focuses on the negative and turns us into a victim of this dreadful thing called "WORK". So how do we change this? Simple, focus on the positive and focus on the truth, change "I have to go to work" into "I GET to go to work" or "I'm CHOOSING to go to work" you'll feel better for changing this wording and it creates a feeling of gratitude and control! When you feel in control of your life, it feels good, and when your feeling gratitude it's impossible to feel unhappy!

This is also works on dieting, exercising and almost everything else in life! It's also a great way of keeping on top of those New Years resolutions that are just around the corner. (blog post on that coming soon) When dieting, or more specifically, transitioning from our previous eating habits to our new, presumably healthier eating habits, it's easy to word things in the negative. If we say to ourselves "I'm not allowed ...... " then our bodies, and our minds, will feel deprived of that item. However, if we flip the wording to "I'm choosing not to have ....." then we are in control, our brains don't feel like we are bowing to some  mysterious higher authority figure. Why do they get to decide how and what I do?! Who the heck are they anyway?! By using the word choose we can reinforce our power in the situation and we can also be reminded of the reasons WHY we are doing it, if we can remember why then we are much more likely to stick to whatever we are trying to. So today I invite you to join me in paying attention to, and subsequently tweaking, how we word our thoughts. It's worth mentioning that when we catch ourselves wording thoughts in the negative, we shouldn't be hard on ourselves, we should just remind ourselves to make that tweak and reword that thought!

So remember breathe deep, shine bright and have a great day!