Intentional Action

Most of us spend our lives on auto pilot. We wake up, we eat , we go to work, we eat again, we carry on working, we go home, we eat, we watch TV, we sleep and then we repeat. In an attempt to make life as easy and carefree as possible we no longer make any real decisions, other than the highly important decisions of what clothes to wear and what food to eat of course. As a consequence of this we can often find ourselves doing activities and eating foods that don't always further our goals and in some cases actually counteract them! For example, we want to lose weight so we restrict the number of calories we consume without questioning the fact the only beverages we consume are fizzy drinks, coffee with sugars, beer or wine! Alternatively we might have a passion project we've been trying to start but we're still watching TV multiple hours a day. If we were to just question these vices and substitute them with healthier more productive habits our lives would be more enjoyable! By focusing on what we are doing and the reasons why we are, we can not only substitute certain behaviours for better ones but we will find ourselves being more alert to our surroundings, we will find ourselves living in the present. By practising this mindfulness we can easily and almost effortlessly improve our quality of living!

So throughout the day just have think, why am I doing this action? Is it because I'm on auto pilot, or is it because I want to be doing it?

Remember, breathe deep, shine bright and have a great day!