Just Get Going

Today I found myself dilly-dallying around. I woke up a little late, took a little to long to decide make my morning "green drink" and then spent too long sat around preparing to get stuff done. Luckily, before the whole day had been spent milling around, I caught and identified the routine I had fallen into. When I fall into this routine I take a deep breath and tell myself to "JUST GET GOING!" I then make it my goal to leave the house, or whatever environment that is keeping me stagnant, as soon as possible. The key to this attitude of is the idea of marginal gains. Life isn't built around huge action it's built around each individual tiny step. So rather than thinking, "DAMN! I can't get 12 hours of work done now, might as well just wait until tomorrow to do it properly" we should be thinking "I've got 11 hours/4 hours/1 hour/42 minutes/8 minutes/etc./ In which I can be productive and take steps towards my goal and I'm going to start as soon as possible." If we think in this way our productivity will shine into the rest of the day kick starting us into greatness.

Let me know what you like to do when you find yourself in a rut of unproductivity either in the comments or on Twitter @DanielCodd1994 

As always breathe deep, shine bright and have a great day!