A Great Way To Improve Your Ability To Focus! (And Your Mood)

 This method will make you feel like your right here! 

This method will make you feel like your right here! 

So the last few weeks have been incredibly busy and I'm not going to see any respite for a few months so I have to come up with a way of staying focused, staying positive and staying relatively stress free. How can I do that? Over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you what's working and what's not working and today I'm incredibly pleased to share a method that really does seem to help. Help, ALOT! 

This method, is meditation. I KNOW, I KNOW, everybody and their Aunt are going on about the benefits of meditation these days but there's a bloody good reason why, IT WORKS! When your days are long and you sleep is minimal meditation helps perk you right back up out of your slump. Feeling stressed, can't find the solution to a problem at work? Feeling tired but still have 4 hours left at work? Try meditation! I find just taking as little as 15 minutes Of meditation can really improve my mood and keep me going when I need it most. I try to meditate twice a day, once at about 11 o'clock (for 15 minutes) and then again at about 5pm but this time for thirty minutes (I also have a light work out for an hour over lunch) and in finding this to be incredibly beneficial for my productivity, seriously, give it a try. 

I personally find certain types of meditation incredibly difficult, I really struggle to sit down for twenty minutes and try to clear my mind so I don't use this method at all, well not yet anyway. I find the guided meditations to be the way forward. This way you can find a quiet, comfortable spot around the office or  a place of your choosing, plug your ear phones in, bring up YouTube and get going almost instantly. 

I've just been listening to this video here and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I've experienced some not so good guided meditations but this is a good one. I nearly fell asleep! But when I came back round I was feeling incredibly relaxed and raring to go! I also have the Glenn Harrold Complete Relaxation CD which is also worth a try. Anyway, give it a go, let me know how you find it and let me know if you find it improves your productivity and focus levels throughout the day. You can reach me on Twitter @danielcodd1994 or leave a comment below!  

Remember breathe deep, shine bright, and have a great day!