RANT: Life, The Future and The Current State of Affairs

*Written during the Summer of 2016*

Life scares me. The future scares me. I try to be the change I want to see in the world but the truth is, there's so many people being swept along in a wave of bullshit. I'm struggling to believe that one drop of sanitary drinking water in this ocean of shit is really going to have much of an effect . Perhaps the best I can hope to do is SLOW the descent into crazy, perhaps crazy is inevitable and it's not about whether or not we'll get there it's just a matter of how soon.

Lets take a look at the world right now. We're standing on the precipice of life-like virtual reality simulations, there's a growing proportion of mollycoddled students who can't bare to hear alternative view points and we seem to have gotten to a point where we can't handle anything that stands against our comfort. Not to mention the "rise of terrorism"  the destruction of the earth and incessant scaremongering, hate filled politics that seem to be dominating the news. In fact fuck that, there's not much good news coming out of anywhere at the minute. The future looks bleak. Oh so incredibly bleak. Give it 50 years and we'll be living out A Brave New World. 

"A gramme a day keeps the troubles away"  

Is that really the answer, sit down, shut up and solve our problems with mind altering substances?  

This seems to be medicines stand point at the minute. "Oh your ill? Here have some drugs to mask the symptoms but we won't worry about what's actually causing your illness, we'll just keep you coming back for more drugs!" The worst thing about all this is when you try to push for preventative measures, by changing your habits and your diet people call you paranoid, or too sensitive, or even naive. Call me crazy but I don't think looking at the information being given to us by scientists and the government and evaluating it, is all that "naive". I'm not specifically anti government, or anti science or anti authority, I'm just not the type of person who will blindly accept what I've been told, whether that's from "a scientist" or even from myself (read: I even question my own logic and knowledge as well as the knowledge and understanding of humanity as a whole) I very much despise the thought process that goes "well that doesn't fit in with my/our current idea of how things work so it can't possibly be true and I won't even entertain the idea or find ways in which it could be true" I feel, and this goes for all walks of life, that we have become so fragile in our sense of self, so critical of others and so caught up in being right that we can no longer truly entertain other points of view. 

I see this mainly in politics, the left scream "OMG how could you support the right?! You must be so heartless" and the right scream "OMG how could you support the left?! You must be so naive"  But then you get the centre, "hmm both sides have nuggets of merit, let's have an adult discussion about our views instead of screaming about how terrible the other side is" to which the others scream "shut up, how can you lead a country if your just sitting on the fence?!" Blah blah blah politics screaming general childish behaviour (note: the Green Party campaign video while hilarious and incredibly on point, was also kinda childish to a certain extent) when did politics stop being about serving the best interest of the people and start becoming about beating the opposition? Has it always been like this? If you ask me, Labour and the Conservatives are both cut from the same cloth, hell bent on beating each other, if you want to see real political change vote for the smaller parties who don't buy into the belief that the sole purpose of politics is to maintain power. Look at the Liberal Democrats, they knew that partying up with the Tories would be very difficult for their party too look strong but they believed they had to do it for the good of the people. Now look at what's happened since they've left, oh right that's it, everything's all gone a bit Pete Tong.